Tips On How To Become A Successful Songwriter

by Chase Emery January 14, 2011 Music Business
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The music business is a tough industry. There are more talented people than there are jobs, unstable professional circumstances, and no guarantees — but that doesn’t stop some of us from chasing the dream. Larry Livingston is a Professor of Conducting and Music Director of Thornton Orchestras. In this video, he describes three things one needs to make it in today’s music business: chops/skill, a wide range of expertise, and unbelievable passion.

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iPhone Apps for Songwriters

by Chase Emery January 7, 2011 Equipment
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One of the great things about mobile devices like the iPhone is that not only does it save us from having to carry around endless gadgets, but it also allows us to be creative during times we didn’t think was possible. The items below, such as the tuner or on-the-go piano save you the hassle of finding and bringing along your tuner or jamming out that new idea while riding shotgun on a road trip. Whatever the occasion may be, the iPhone/iPod/iPad applications below will increase the productivity of any musician or songwriter looking to accompany the fast pace life of a 21st century musician.

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3 Videos On Fattening Up Electric Guitars In Your Mix

by Chase Emery December 3, 2010 Recording
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Finding that perfect guitar tone can be a daunting task. There are endless amp/guitar combinations and direct input possibilities, but even after that you may still be left unsatisfied with your raw guitar tracks. But, there are several mixing tricks that can also boost your electric guitars up to that rocking sound you imagined. These three videos are here to help you create that wall of sound you had your sights set on.

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4 Ways to Increase YouTube Views

by Chase Emery November 9, 2010 Marketing & Promotion
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In the age of the internet, promoting your music is no longer just about playing the local bars to boost your following. Now, what seems to be even more important than struggling among the local nightspots is building a strong presence online. One of the most powerful tools of online music promotion is YouTube. Artists’ videos with less than a hundred views can grow to a million overnight. But, not everyone is that lucky. The most likely outcome is that you will struggle to get views. Sorry, it’s the real world. But, if you are as creative in your marketing as you are in your songwriting, then there is no reason you can’t use some creative tricks to boost your views. Here are some of the clever promotion ideas many successful YouTube artists have figured out.

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4 Tools for Capturing Your Song Ideas

by Chase Emery October 22, 2010 Equipment
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Inspiration can come in a flash, and if you don’t have the right tools to capture it, a great song can pass you by. Whether you are driving in the car, walking down a busy street, or on a hot date, it’s important to know what tools you have at your disposal to capture your moment of brilliance.

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Do It For the Love of Music

by Chase Emery October 20, 2010 Inspiration
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Often times people get carried away thinking about the money they could make from a hit song or the fame they could have and they forget why they are making music in the first place: for the love of it.

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